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All About Windows 2000 DNS, Sites, and Replication

DNS is the core name resolution system for Windows 2000, which is a refreshing change from the WINS days of yore. However, this means that DNS must be setup and working properly for your Windows 2000 Pro clients to login, replication to occur, and the sites to work properly (that is, each client logs into a DC in its site. This depends on sites being correctly specified and setup in AD and DNS.) First I’ll describe how to setup a basic DNS system, then deal with some specific issues.



Windows 2000 Failover Clustering

Continuous uptime in a production environment, whether it is a database powering a mission-critical client/server application or an e-commerce Web site, is becoming a common businesses requirement. This chapter describes Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 failover clustering, one method of creating high availability. Failover clustering is available only in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

Failover clustering is a process in which the operating system and application software work together to provide continuous availability in the event of an application failure, hardware failure, or operating-system error. Failover clustering provides hardware redundancy through a configuration in which other servers essentially act as clones of the main production system. Failover clustering also allows system maintenance to be performed on a computer while another node does the work. This benefit can also ensure that system downtime due to normal maintenance is minimized.

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