BackupPC Setup Manual

July 2007 This how-to article is based on my experience setting up and maintaining a regular Ubuntu 7.04 install running as the backup server at UCSD. The clients varied in their OS’s; Mac OS X, Windows XP, Linux (Debian and Ubuntu). Except for the install commands (eg apt-get install), this instruction should work with other Linux distros.

Client Set Up

Please click the OS that you use to see the specific instructions.

If you have Cygwin installed or are planning on getting it in the future, please use the link for Win XP with Cygwin. If you do not know what Cygwin is, most likely you don’t have it. However, if you would like to find out, click here to find out.

Server Set Up

This manual is written for the administrator who will be setting up the backup server. You must have a root privilege. The server computer will be the computer that will do the backup and keep the backed up data.



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