Installing and Configuring Openfiler with DRBD and Heartbeat


Openfiler is a high performance operating system tailored for use as a SAN/NAS appliance. This configuration will enable two Openfiler appliances to work in an Active/Passive high availability scenario.



  • 2 x boxes that meet the minimum spec of Openfiler’s hardware specifications.
  • 2 x ethernet interfaces in each box
  • Openfiler 2.3 installation media.
  • Both boxes should have the same size drives in each to avoid any replication inconsistencies.


Install Openfiler 2.3 on both boxes utilizing a disk setup such as the following:

  • 3 GB root (“/”) partition
  • 2 GB “swap” partition
  • 512 MB “/meta” partition (used for DRBD0)
  • Data partition configured as an unmounted LVM (used for DRBD1)



Each Openfiler appliance will have two NICs: one for communicating with the LAN, the other for communicating with the
other SAN (via direct cable). The first will be used for administration, to communicate directly with each node.

A third “virtual” interface is used by the heartbeat service and is what will be used by computers on the LAN.



2 responses to “Installing and Configuring Openfiler with DRBD and Heartbeat

  1. I need to configure High availability samba cluster with DRBD and Heartbeat in two virtual machines. Can you send me the step by step configuration document.

    Because I need more document for above information

  2. I have seen the various how to’s on this but still am not getting the partitions setup right. Any hints or links?


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