Wifi Authentication/Accounting With FreeRadius On CentOS 5

This tutorial explains how you can set up a FreeRadius server with Wifi authentication and accounting on CentOS 5. This howto should work for a newbie. Production deployment is also possible with minor tweaking. But as usual I do not guarantee anything & take no responsibilities if something goes wrong.

This configuration has been tested on following:

OS: CentOS 5.x (patched)

Certificates: Openssl 0.98b

Radius Sever: Freeradius version 1.1.7 (built from fc6 src.rpms)

(Note: This document also assumes that you have a dhcp server already configured & running on the same subnet.)

Protocols configured for:

  • WPA1/2 enterprise

Following processes are involved:

1- Install OS

2- Install openssl

3- Generate digital certificates

4- Install / Configure freeradius

5- Configure Access points

6- Configure end wifi clients

Read more at Howtoforge.com


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