How To Set Up DHCP Failover On Centos 5.1

Version 1.0.0
Author: Andrew Colin Kissa <andrew [at] topdog [dot] za [dot] net>


This tutorial will walk you through setting up DHCP fail over on CentOS 5.1 using the default ISC dhcp server, this can easily be adapted to any other Linux distro out there. You will most likely need Failover in environments where network down time can not be tolerated. My home is running a DLNA setup so I need my devices to be able to obtain network parameters at all times.

Since DHCP and DNS often go hand in hand i will be configuring a local DNS server which allows for dynamic updates, such that hostnames will be automatically updated to DNS when ever a lease is granted to a client.

My configuration with use the following please substitute to reflect your own network.

  • Domain name –
  • Network –
  • DHCP servers –,
  • Gateway –
  • DNS servers –,



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