Using a Squid proxy server in a Windows Domain

A lot of people are afraid of using Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 or ISA Server as a web caching solution. The problem is that such solutions cost a lot of money, and more and more people want to use Linux as an Internet Gateway.

It’s now possible (since Squid 2.5) to use an Windows 2000/NT domain as an authentication server.
Benefit is that your Windows Clients can surf the web transparently using their NTLM Credentials (sent automatically by M$ Internet Explorer when using a proxy with authentication).
You can then easily control which users are authorized to surf the web, and even where they surf ….
It’s also possible to use a database that contains for example certains urls you want your users not to use (porns sites , etc …)
And last but not least, it’s also possible to generate cool reports with webalizer or Sarg, but that’s another story …


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