Temporarily Bypass Windows Activation to Backup Files

If you are like me, you reinstall Windows XP at least 10 times a year
or more on you PC to keep the system fresh and get rid of those pesky
registry experiments gone so very wrong. Microsoft doesn’t allow you to
activate your copy of Windows XP more than 4 times per year over the
Internet, and phoning in to talk to Microsoft is a time consuming
process. In this article, I will show you two different ways to get
into Windows XP one more time before you either take the plunge and
re-install Windows or call Microsoft to explain – again – why you need
to activate your system.

**Please read and follow the disclaimer**
In This Article:

How Activation Works
Activation Bypass: Option One
Activation Bypass: Option Two
Further Reading

Read more at www.nixadmins.net


One response to “Temporarily Bypass Windows Activation to Backup Files

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