Set up Server for NFS in Windows Server 2003 R2

Set up Server for NFS in Windows Server 2003 R2

In this post, I will talk about configuring Microsoft Services for Network File System, mainly Server for NFS and User Name Mapping, in Windows Server 2003 R2. You can follow the same steps for Services for UNIX (SFU) 3.5 except only a few of them because of some changes introduced with Windows Server 2003 R2.

As we move forward setting up things for us, I have tried to include information on likely problems that may be encountered and facts which help understand Server for NFS behavior which sometimes is confusing.

And to keep the post short, I have broken them into pages –

1. Introduction and installation of Services for NFS on R2
2. Sharing folders over NFS
3. Mouting NFS Share on NFS client
4. Who’s 4294967294?
5. Configuring User Name Mapping
6. Using chown/chgrp from UNIX clients

You’ll soon discover how Server for NFS makes life easier in heterogeneous environments.



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