PIX firewall configuration from scratch

In this tip, network engineers can learn how to configure a new PIX firewall, out of the box. You will configure passwords, IP addresses, network address translation (NAT) and basic firewall rules.
PIX firewall configuration from scratch

The following article was originally posted at SearchNetworking.com and it is reproduced with their permission.

Let’s say that your boss hands you a new PIX firewall. It has never been configured. He says that it needs to be configured with some basic IP addresses, security and a couple of basic firewall rules. You have never used a PIX firewall before. How will you be able to perform this configuration? After reading this article, it should be easy. Let’s find out how.

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One response to “PIX firewall configuration from scratch

  1. Hi

    I am a newbie in Network security and i am interested in learning the firewall technology. I have been reading books and nuggets on PIX however i do not have any hands on experience on this. Hope this blog will be really helpful. Could you teach me PIX from scratch.


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