Installing HP Systems Insight Manager On CentOS

HP Systems Insight Manager is a free tool from HP that can monitor your network and receive SNMP Traps. It’s an excellent trap manager but also a system resource hog.
Hardware requirements for Linux are:

– Minimum: 1.5-GHz processor and 768 MB RAM
– Recommended: 2.4-GHz processor and 1 GB RAM
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1. Install CentOS 5.0
2. Download HP SIM:
3. Installing the software

(The following section can be copied into a shell script):

# First do a upgrade of the system
yum update -y

# reboot if needed

# We need to trick the HP software so it thinks Redhat Enterprise is installed
nano /etc/redhat-release
# Remove what it says and insert: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 5

# Install dependencies
yum install compat-readline43 openssl097a compat-libstdc++-33 -y

# We need to change the posix default version
export _POSIX2_VERSION=199209

# And now we run the downloaded HP SIM Package
chmod +x HPSIM-Linux-C.

# Configuring the HP SIM for the system
/opt/mx/bin/mxinitconfig -l
/opt/mx/bin/mxinitconfig -a

# and done

You should now be able to login to the HP SIM via a web browser at http://$IP:280/
Log in with user root and the user’s password.

This HOWTO will not cover HP SIM Setup as it is very well documentet by HP here:



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