Run any GNU/Linux app on Windows without any virtualization

Using SSH to access programs from an Ubuntu box

By Nathan Sanders

SSH tools, long used by UNIX gurus to perform complicated administrative tasks over the internet on machines miles away, are a very simple and user-friendly solution for more conventional purposes. Ubuntu users, read on to learn how to use SSH to run your favorite GNU/Linux software on Microsoft Windows—without installing any software on the Windows box.
Installing an SSH server

Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary materials. You need an Ubuntu machine to serve programs and a Windows machine to access them, a USB stick if you want to make your setup portable, and a fast network connection if you want to be able to run anything more complicated than nano.

You are going to be focusing your attention on accessing programs from a Windows machine, but first you need to install some server software on your Ubuntu box. You will be installing OpenSSH, the de facto standard in the free software world for opening a secure gateway to your PC. The OpenSSH server installs just like any other software and requires no additional configuration for our purposes. The whole process should take about two minutes.



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