Techie Stuff – GNU/Linux Server Setup (CentOS 5.0)

The following instrution cover the installation of CentOS 5.0 on my Compaq ProLiant DL380 Dual 1Ghz server.

As ever, if you use any of the information remember that I run a network securely protected by a firewall.
Install CentOS 5.0
Configure miscellaneous settings
Secure SSH
Update packages
Modify daemons that start automatically
Install anti-virus
Install Uptimed
NFS exports
Configure Sendmail
Configure fetchmail
Configure procmail
Configure miscellaneous mail settings
Configure virus checking (email)
Configure spam checking (email)
Configure greylisting (email)
Setup NTP
Update Perl
Install Webmin
Install Vim
Install Mutt
Configure BIND
Configure DHCP
Configure MySQL
Configure Apache
Configure Samba
Install phpMyAdmin
Install arpwatch
Install Remind

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One response to “Techie Stuff – GNU/Linux Server Setup (CentOS 5.0)

  1. Hi i m trying to configure the sendmail in Centos 5.0 ,i follow but i dont know how to chek whether pop3,imap and smtp is orking or not.can u please guide me to configure the setup

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