X-Wrt extends OpenWrt router firmware

By Joe Barr on June 18, 2007

I’ve been using OpenWrt on my Linksys router for a year or so. I take it for granted — I ignore it because it just works. But back at X-Wrt.org, which is a related project, not a competitor to OpenWrt, developers have been busy creating a new user interface that both extends OpenWrt and makes it easier to use.

X-Wrt installation is a breeze. I was already running OpenWrt RC9 White Russian, so the only thing I needed to do was to decide whether to install the latest or the stable version of X-Wrt, then click the appropriate button on the X-Wrt.org installation page. A minute later, after my router was rebooted, I was running X-Wrt.

For those of you not running White Russian, that same page details installation procedures for 22 different routers, both for people starting from scratch with the router still running the stock firmware, and those who have a version of OpenWrt already installed.

Read more at Linux.com


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