Firefox extension lets you remove elements from Web pages

Monday May 28, 2007 (08:01 AM GMT)

By: Mayank Sharma

Are you irritated by huge graphical ads smack in the middle of an article? Or maybe you don’t want to waste bandwidth viewing the dozens of images in a review, or user icons in forum boards? You can remove them for good with a single click by using Firefox’s RIP extension, which zaps anything out of a Web page, permanently.

RIP, which stands for Remove It Permanently, is inspired by the two popular Firefox extensions — Nuke Anything and Adblock. Nuke Anything is designed to remove elements from a page to make it more printer-friendly, but the extension doesn’t remember those changes. Adblock, on the other hand, focuses solely on removing graphical advertisements. RIP can remove a lot more.

In addition to graphical ads, with RIP you can also remove text ads, or even pieces of text such as tables or copyright notices. The best thing about the extension is that it doesn’t leave empty spaces where the removed content used to reside; if you delete a horizontal banner between two paragraphs, the page will close up around the missing element.



One response to “Firefox extension lets you remove elements from Web pages

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