Automatic Local Mirror YUM Configuration

Introduction and Goals
Local mirror creation
Create the virtual host
DNS configuration
Improvements and thoughts
Introduction and Goals
The Yellow dog Update, Modified, or YUM, is the package installation and upgrade tool integrated into the Fedora Linux and other distributions. This Guru Labs Guide achieves the following goals:

* Deploy a local Fedora mirror for core package installation and updates
* Have local Fedora boxes automatically use the local mirror with ZERO configuration changes.

Since ZERO configuration change occurs on the Fedora box, if the Fedora box is moved outside the local network (common with laptops) it will automatically use the stock behavior of accessing the Fedora Mirror system.

The benefit is greatly reduced Internet bandwidth utilization and install/updates that occur at LAN speeds.

The solution detailed in this Guru Guide is ideal for any organization such as a company, school/university, hosting company or ISP who has a multiple Fedora users on their network. This solution has been in production for many months here at Guru Labs, a Linux training company, with great results for the Linux instructors and Fedora users who work here.

Also note that this same solution could be trivially adapted for CentOS boxes as well.

Finally, note that GL250 Linux Systems Administration and GL275  Enterprise Linux Network Services training courses have advanced coverage of all the software in this guide including topics such as implementing split DNS with views, virtual hosting, rsync and YUM repository management.



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