How to Write an End User License Agreement

 Adriana Iordan writes “Whenever you install software on a computer, you will have to face the inevitable: agreeing to the EULA (End User License Agreement). But how many of us really go through all those paragraphs teaming with legalese?

The percentage of software users that actually read the terms of any license agreement is rather low, mainly because these agreements are too stuffy and, most of the times, almost incomprehensible for the average-educated software user.

Also, there’s the common belief that all EULAs are practically the same, so users just skip reading them and go straight to ticking the “I Agree” checkbox and pressing the “Next” button. For that reason, many software users are confronted with usually unpleasant situations that could have been avoided, should they have read the EULA beforehand.

Such situations have generated huge waves of discussions on the topic of possible improvements that can be done in terms of software license agreements that can make them more appealing to end users and even put software companies in a better light.



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