Dynamic DNS

Many of you want to access your home/office machines from anywhere. you can do this if your ISP gives you public IP, even it is dynamic IP.

All you need is a domain name like “yourname.com” and a dynamic DNS service which maps your dynamic public IP to your domainname. and a dynamic IP update client.
There are many public free/commercial Dynamic DNS servers.
I am using a free dynamic DNS server dnsexit.com
-Register on this server and add you domain name for dynamic DNS service

-In your Domain manager update domain DNS to


-Download a IP update client from http://dnsexit.com/Direct.sv?cmd=ipClients
I am using http://downloads.dnsexit.com/domainUpdate.zip on Linux.
This client is a simple perl script where you have to update it by
adding your dnsexit.com username password domain and your local machine
network interface (eg eth0, ppp0, tun0)

-whenever you connect to internet just execute this script. you can
also add this script in cron to execute it after few hours depending on
your public IP lease time.

-this script will update IP in dnsexit.com DNS for your domain.

-you can also test this from your web browser


you can access all network applications (like remote desktop/ssh/webpages etc)
running on your remote system from your domain.

Read more at www.mka.in


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