Postfix VDA


* Mailbox / Maildir size limit, known also as “soft quota”, to avoid user take all you disk space
* Customizable “limit” message when the soft quota limit is reached. NOTE: message is sent to senders, but NOT to the owner of the mailbox.
* Limit only ‘INBOX’, because some people use IMAP and don’t want the same limit in IMAP folder that are differents from INBOX.
* Support for ‘Courier’ style Maildir, usefull for people that use courier as pop3/imap server and to get fast soft quota summary. Note that it is also compatible with qmail maildir per default.
* Supports for Courier ‘maildirsize’ file in Maildir folder that is used to read quotas quickly. Note that this option is not actived per default and can be dangerous on some NFS client implementation (like for example Solaris that cache some filesystem operations).
* Customisable suffix for Maildir support, when share same external dict between postfix and pop3/imap server sometime “Maildir/” suffix is needed to avoid extra database handling (eg LDAP, MySQL…).



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