Linux Software Raid How-To with GRUB Bootloader

by Steve Boley ( )

Install and Prep

Do an install and create the individual software raid partitions on the
drives first and is easiest to deselect the available drives that you don’t
want the partition on first while creating the individual partitions on
specific drives (ie sda1 sdb1 with type as software raid) Then do the raid
button in disk druid and it will only have these 2 partitions available and
set your raid level and ext3 and your partition label and then ok. Tag the
next 2 partitions and follow the same process as above.

The reason for being so meticulous is that this way the raid partitions are
matching on the drives and not out of order. If you just create partitions
and then let disk druid do whatever you wind up with them all out of order
and makes a big headache when replacing drives and initiating rebuilds on
partitions. (Trust me on this).

After install is complete we will then create a directory on root called
/raidinfo and will place some information in there that will make replacing
drives and rebuilding them a lot easier if you have a failure.



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