OpenLDAP Everywhere

By Craig Swanson and Matt Lung on Sun, 2002-12-01

Step-by-step instructions for sharing e-mail directories, having a unified login and sharing files in a mixed environment.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the use of OpenLDAP as the core directory service for a heterogeneous environment. The LDAP server provides a shared e-mail directory, a unified login for Linux and Windows users, automount of home directories and file sharing for both Linux and Windows clients.

Midwest Tool & Die has been using OpenLDAP for three years, and the performance has been flawless. We have experienced 100% uptime for the directory. The company saw the first big benefit from sharing e-mail contacts in the directory. Now, we have unified logon from any networked computer. Our computer users can access the same file storage through Windows/Samba or through Linux/NFS/automount. The result is seamless access to network services.

Read more at LinuxJournal


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