Centos 4.0 Postfix + Ldap + Mailscanner +, Dovecot + Cyrus-SASL +Virtual Domains…

Hello everyone,

…this one is going to be a…

CentOS 4.0 : Postfix + MailScanner(ClamAV+Spamassassin)+LDAP+Dovecot+Cyrus-SASL+TomCat+Jamm+Squirrelmail(MySQL)+Virtual Domain Hosting e-mail server guide

note: due to the fact that I wanted to keep this as simple as possible , you wont find to much explanation here of what a certain option does , for that you can check the following three places :


My guide is based on these three + I added some slight modifications to it.

So let’s begin.

Read more at www.linuxhelp.net


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