CentOS 4.3 + Postfix 2.2.9 + TLS/SSL + RBL blocking + SpamAssassin 3.1.2 + Amavisd-new + SPF + pop-before-smtp + procmail + vmail + disclaimer

Posted by Sébastien Wains on June 04th 2006 to Linux, CentOS, Postfix, Howto, Security, MySQL

Edit 16 nov 2006 : please consider using SMTP AUTH instead of pop-before-smtp : http://www.wains.be/?p=157

This is not aimed to be a step by step guide.. This is just a review of my current config with some helpful notes, it is probably meant for already advanced postfix users seeking for tips and tricks.

WordPress may have reformated the code in some weird way.. don’t do massive copy paste and hope it works fine straight away, please review everything carefully !!

If you have troubles figuring out something, drop me a line..

Read more at Sébastien Wains homepage


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