Fighting Spam/Viruses with Amavisd-New, Maia and Postfix


Integrating Amavisd-New with Postfix
Installing Amavisd-New
Configuring Amavisd-New
Quarantine Handling
Globally Sender whitelists and blacklists
Per-Recipient Sender Whitelists and Blacklists (Maia Mailguard)
Maia Installing and Configuration
Configure Postfix for Amavisd-New
ClamAV Virus Scanning
Sender Policy Framework SPF

Postfix is a mail transport agent written by security researcher Wietse Venema. Not surprisingly, Postfix is designed from the ground up to be a highly secure system. It consists of several components, each of which runs with least privilege and none of which trust data from the other without validating it themselves. Despite the extensive security emphasis in the system’s architecture, Postfix is capable of very good performance in normal conditions; because of architectural decisions, it is also fault tolerant and capable of good performance under adverse conditions such as resource starvation.



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