Fedora/CentOS Postfix/Spamassassin/AmavisD/ClamAV/Dovecot/Fetchmail/Squirrelmail HowTo?

Goals: To provide email services via POP3, IMAP, IMAPS, and HTTPS with anti-virus and spam protection on Fedora or CentOS? based systems.

By following the steps in this howto, you should have a configured email server that:
* Allows users to connect using most popular email clients or web browsers to access their email.
* Provides for encrypted email access via IMAPS or secure web browsing.
* Provides anti-spam and anti-virus screening against regularly updated databases.
* Is relatively secure and should not be easily usable by ne’er-do-wells to send out spam (IE – not an open relay).

Read more at www.stickyc.com


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