Directory services made easy with Fedora Directory Server

By: Paul Virijevich

Directory services play a vital part in today’s networks by helping administrators manage network users and resources. Until recently, the only choice for deploying a secure and easy-to-use open source directory server was OpenLDAP. While it gets the job done, it lacks the polish of commercial alternatives. Now Fedora Directory Server (FDS), Red Hat’s open source LDAP server, makes setting up an enterprise directory server on Linux simple.

FDS started its life in 1999 as the Netscape Directory Server. In 2004, Red Hat purchased Netscape Directory Server with a promise to make it open source. FDS is the fruit of that labor. Red Hat also sells a supported version, called Red Hat Directory Server, whose business model is to that of FDS as Red Hat Enterprise Linux is to Fedora Core. FDS does not come with any support options.



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