How to make Windows use CUPS IPP


I originally wrote these notes as a result of trying to connect a Windows 2000 machine to a printer hosted under Debian.  Based on the feedback I’ve received I have done some more experimentation, this time connecting a Windows XP machine to a printer hosted under Fedora.

The steps outlined here should allow you to connect Windows 2000 or XP to a printer hosted by CUPS running on any Linux distribution.  My original instructions for connecting Windows 2000/Debain are included at the bottom of this page and may still apply to old versions of CUPS.
Windows XP / Fedora CUPS

There are two ways to configure a printer under Windows XP so that it works with CUPS:

* As a Postscript capable printer.  This allows your Windows XP machine to print to your normal printer queue with no printer-specific configuration.
* As a printer with a particular Windows XP driver.  On Fedora some additional configuration of CUPS is required, on other Linux/Unix systems it may work out of the box.



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