How to configure DNS Server

Written by Bimal Pandit on 2005-11-04

I am writing this article as of my experience to share with all of you so that it may help someone to configure a DNS server in their network. Here the example I have taken is as such I have implemented and tested except, the domain I am taking here is Imaginary or call it Unregistered.

Domain             :-
IP (DNS server)    :-
IP (Mail server)    :-  and
IP (Proxy server)    :-
Tested on         :-  RH9 and FC3


1) One has an option about wether he wants to run his DNS server in a chrooted environment or not, i.e. for chrooted environment the point of reference would be like “/var/named/chroot/” for example if you install FC3 and the package “bind-chroot-9.2.4-2” you will see that you need to think “/var/named/chroot/” as “/” and rest will remain the same.

2) All the clients should point to “” as their nameserver (DNS server) i.e. in clients /etc/resolve.conf put “nameserver”

3) The Scenario is as shown in the figure…



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