Cacti on CentOS 4.x

This howto describes how to install and configure Cacti quickly on a CentOS server. Cacti packages are available from the RPMforge repository. Read this for information about the RPMForge repository. But beware, some repositories do not mix well. The rest of this HOWTO assumed that your system is set up to use the RPMforge repository.

For those who don’t know, Cacti’s goal is to create nice graphs about system performance and status.

1. Install cacti and its dependencies (yum install cacti)
2. Install mysql-server (yum install mysql-server)
3. Install net-snmp (yum install net-snmp).
4. Modify /etc/httpd/conf.d/cacti.conf (allow from line)
5. Restart Apache (service httpd restart)
6. Make sure httpd, mysqld, snmpd start at boot and start these services if they were not started yet.
7. Make sure snmpd accepts ‘public’ as public community from localhost, and restart snmpd
8. Start the MySQL console client:

Read more at CentOS Wiki


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