Turn your SOHO router into a powerhouse with DD-WRT

By: Manolis Tzanidakis

Linksys makes some fine wireless broadband routers, but one of the best things about these devices is that their firmware is based on Linux and can be replaced with third-party software, allowing anyone to have the functionality of an expensive, professional-grade router for less than $100. The GPL-licensed DD-WRT package offers lots of enhancements over the stock Linksys firmware and supports a wide range of hardware, including models from Buffalo, Belkin, and other vendors.

Noteworthy features of DD-WRT are powerful quality of service control, which allows bandwidth optimization for specific programs or hosts; Wireless Distribution System (WDS) with support for WPA encryption; and RADIUS authentication for more secure wireless connections. Check the project’s wiki for a complete features list.

Read more at  Linux.com


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